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September 2017


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I saw Wonder Woman on Monday. IT WAS INCREDIBLE.

What I know about Wonder Woman comes primarily from the animated Justice League series and vague comic book osmosis I absorbed from the internet. I will admit that the character of Wonder Woman never interested me as far as the animated series was concerned. She seemed so self-assured and flawless (though I know this is far from the case) that it didn't catch my attention as a viewer. However, I do remember reading the comic 52 and noting that while Supes and Bats got these long arcs of character development to deal with their respective demons, Diana is barely in it.

If Wonder Woman is one of the powerhouses of DC, why did it take twenty years for her movie to be developed? (The funny answer is because of the patriarchy. But it's also the not funny answer.)

If I had to give one line of review for this film, it would be that SEEING WONDER WOMAN BRAWLING WITH TANKS AND THROWING SOLDIERS AROUND GIVES ME LIFE. If I could watch an extended version of the No Man's Land scene for two hours, you bet I would.

So, general criticisms I had:
- I thought the movie was too long. It's an origin story, so they had a lot of ground to cover but some of it could have been edited better. For example, more time with the ladies on Themyscira instead of that prologue scene about Zeus and Ares.

- I didn't know who Etta Candy was at first but once I found out, I was bummed she didn't have more screen time/more time with Diana. Sequel maybe?

- There were certain parts of the film that came off really cheesy to me. I can't remember anything too specific except I hate that last shot they have of her sorta slo-mo mid-leap in the air. Ugh, they could have just left it in her armor, maybe running off towards battle.

- I kept expecting Dr. Poison to have a larger role than she did?

- Also, I don't think anyone was fooled about Diana being the god-killer.

Now, the stuff I loved:
- GAL GADOT KILLED IT AS WONDER WOMAN. She was the only redeeming part in BvS and I'm so glad her movie was kickass.


- Thought her romance with Steve Trevor was the sweetest thing. Loved that the film took the time to develop it and bring it to a tragic conclusion that didn't feel like it came out of left field.

- Loved Diana's characterization, her naivete wrapped up with her determination to do good in the world.

- The commentary on war and how there's never just one single bad guy behind it all. How getting rid of one awful person doesn't mean it gets rid of all the awfulness in the world.

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