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September 2017


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It's been awhile since I did a Wednesday Reading meme but I've been on a roll lately!

What I've Just Finished

Paper Valentine - which was a good coming of age YA when it wasn't trying to be a mystery thriller

Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda - this was my second reread and i still really enjoyed it

Ancillary Justice - reminded me of the postcolonial literature we read in my Film & Literature class

What I'm Reading Now

Finally got started on the new Queen's Thief novel, Thick as Thieves! I'm really excited because this is the first book to be published since I started reading the series. The book follows a new character but I'm hoping to see some familiar faces.

Still trying to get through Sense and Sensibility and bell hooks.

What I'll Read Next

I have purchased Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe!


Some More Light Verse by Wendy Cope

You have to try. You see the shrink.
You learn a lot. You read. You think.
You struggle to improve your looks.
You meet some men. You write some books.
You eat good food. You give up junk.
You do not smoke. You don't get drunk.
You take up yoga, walk and swim.
And nothing works. The outlook's grim.
You don't know what to do. You cry.
You're running out of things to try. 

You blow your nose. You see the shrink.
You walk. You give up food and drink.
You fall in love. You make a plan.
You struggle to improve your man.
And nothing works. The outlooks grim.
You go to yoga, cry and swim.
You eat and drink. You give up looks.
You struggle to improve your books.
You cannot see the point. You sigh.
You do not smoke. You have to try.
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