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September 2017


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What I'm Reading Wednesday (but i forgot and it's actually Thursday now, oops)

What I've Just Finished

Every year I like to give myself a casual challenge of reading 50 books. I don't count things like graphic novels or manga, so I've never really hit that goal but I've come close. However, school tends to consume any energy I'd have for personal reading, so I've only read THREE books this year.

Back in March, I tried to read Fledgling by Octavia Butler. I made it about 100 pages in before deciding to just skim the rest. Essentially, the premise is that a young, black vampire with amnesia tries to figure out why somebody wants her dead. The idea intrigued me but the execution not so much. The book is first pov, so while there's a lot of interesting world-building, it's a book that mostly tells you what the characters are feeling instead of showing. I later found out that Butler had written the book after a long bout of depression, so it was a fun way for her to ease back into the writing process. It turned out to be her final novel.

Those factors are probably why Fledgling wasn't her best work, so I'm still interested in reading her other books.

Oh, and I also downloaded a reading app that's got a bunch of public domain works on it, so I'm slowly working my way through Austen's Sense and Sensibility.

What I'm Reading Now

I bought Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie back in October when a book store in my neighborhood was closing. I've been reading it on and off since then. I've heard great things about this book and its sequels, so I'm hoping to focus on it more once spring semester is over. I've read 80 pages so far and it feels like the exciting stuff is just about to happen!

What I'll Read Next

In my gender studies class, we read a few chapters from bell hooks' Feminism is for Everybody. It's simple definition for feminism reconciled my nebulous ideas on the subject, so I want to read it in full.

I have another casual challenge that I'm imposing on myself and that is to read an author from every letter in the alphabet. Helps when I'm indecisive on what to read next.


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